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Week One: Cleansing Your Body

Our bodies are over worked with the constant exposure to chemicals and toxins that we breathe in, absorb through our skin, and ingest with our foods. Our world is more complicated than ever, with thousands upon thousands of synthetic chemicals that have been integrated into our every day lives. Many of these having direct impact on our reproductive system.

Learn what common pollutants may be sabotaging your fertility and what you can do about it. Your body has it’s own natural detoxification system, and you’ll begin to understand how to support that system and increase it’s effectiveness through food and herbal treatments. Recipes, meal plans, and video are all included!

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Week Two: Natural Living

Now that you’ve learned how to rid your body of toxins, let’s learn how to keep them out of your body to begin with! No longer is natural living only to save the environment! Keeping your bodies free of toxins is one of the best ways to improve our fertility and allow our children to be the healthiest they can be.

We’ll walk room to room through your home and you’ll learn how to detoxify each one with recommendations on clean living. I’ll teach you how to make a lot of your own cleaning products in order to keep the air you breathe free from toxins. With common ingredients, you will also learn how to make and use natural beauty products.

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Week Three: Preparing Your Body Through Exercise

Did you know that certain exercises can prevent both ovulation and conception? And yet other exercises can be used to support your body for increased fertility and conception! You’ll learn how to exercise for weight loss and what exercises should be done in order to conceive and have a more comfortable pregnancy and birth.

Workouts don’t have to be as complicated as you think! Included this week is a video tutorial on yoga for fertility.

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Week Four: Fertility Awareness

A woman’s body is an awesome thing! Learn how to maximize your chances of conception, how to recognize when ovulation is taking place each cycle, tips and tricks for lovemaking that will increase your odds of conception, and as a couple, to become more in tune with one other.

You’ll learn how to track your cycle and how and when to have intercourse to better your chances of conception. We’ll also cover conventional women’s products that may be causing undue harm as well as their natural alternatives.

Week Five: Real Nutrition

We’ve been duped! Our modern society has been following a diet that has us on a collision course with failure. Instead of nourishing and building our bodies, we’re quickly becoming malnourished, even though we have plenty of food to eat.

Traditional cultures spent months preparing their bodies for pregnancy with food. They were blessed with fertile bodies and healthy offspring. We need to get back to understanding why and how to prepare our bodies, what foods to eat, and how to prepare our foods for the most nutrients possible.

Learn which “health” foods actually decrease your fertility and which “un-healthy” foods can actually boost your fertility! We’ll cover menu plans, shopping and how to prepare foods in order to gain the most from what we eat. (photo credit)

Week Six: Super Foods for Fertility

Do you know what foods to eat to enhance your fertility? While all foods, and eating a variety of them, are beneficial for health, there are certain foods that will nourish your body specifically for conception and pregnancy. Learn what specific nutrients you need and what foods to find them in!!

You’ll also learn how to incorporate these foods into your meal plans, and how to cook and prepare them.

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Enroll now for a one time payment of $96.00

Week Seven: What Not To Eat

We all know that eating junk foods like pizza, pop, and candy aren’t good for our bodies, but do you know which modern “health” foods are also damaging our bodies? In this age of the food industry, the food we place in our bodies is far from natural. From conventional agriculture that places millions of pounds of chemicals onto our food each year, to the manufacturers who destroy nutrients while processing it, to the way we cook it in our own homes, we’ve destroyed our own bodies. Learn how certain foods effect your body and how they can be replaced with better alternatives.

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Week Eight: Herbs and Fertility

No longer just for hippies and often overlooked as silly little plants or weeds, herbs are actually highly medicinal and can provide an abundance of healing to your body. Herbs have been used for thousands of years and are still used in over 3/4 of the world for treatment of illnesses. They provide a safe alternative to modern medicines and can be used to ‘jump start’ the hormonal system.

Find out what herbs to take for irregular cycles, heavy periods, and for healing after being on The Pill. Men’s issues will cover herbs for increasing sperm count, testosterone imbalance, and increasing blood flow. Learn the difference between teas, tinctures, infusions,powders, and extracts and what to take when.

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Enroll now for a one time payment of $96.00

Week Nine: Alternative Treatments for Infertility

Have you been told the only way you can conceive is through assisted reproductive technologies? Unfortunately infertility is often seen as an incurable disease, with medications, IUI’s, and IVF automatic choices in treatment.

A better option, through one of many alternative and holistic treatments, is to bring your body back into balance. Instead of chasing your fertility, you’ll learn how to overcome medical obstacles and bring it to you.

This week we’ll be discussing alternative treatments that can bring healing and reverse issues you may be dealing with. Learn what different options are out there as well as where to find practitioners.
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Week Ten: Stress

Everyone who has been trying to get pregnant for some time has often heard the advice “just relax!” But is it true? This week you’ll learn how stress truly effects your body and what can be done about it.

Stress, lack of sleep, and lack of energy have direct links to your fertility, we’ll find out how they all play a role in the hormone balance and the quality of the egg and sperm.

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Week Eleven: Tips for Increased Fertility

Books and websites are full of common (and some uncommon) tips for getting pregnant. We’ll be discussing which ones can actually help increase your fertility and why they are effective. These are small little steps to ensure you’re doing everything possible to support your fertility.

This week we’ll also be delving into some of the issues of infertility that men may be dealing with like how to increase sperm counts and motility.

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Week Twelve: Where to Start

Over the last few months, you’ll have learned a lot of different information. Let’s learn how to put it all together into a manageable fertility plan for you!

As you can see, we’ll be covering a wide variety of topics that will teach you how to take control over your health and give your baby a wonderfully healthy start!

Registration will be open until December 13

I have made the decision to keep enrollment open unless I find my workload increasingly takes away to much time for my family, in such a circumstance I’ll close it when needed. For this reason, I’ll be closing enrollment for a few weeks during the Christmas season to allow for extra time in spending with family! The class will re-open up after the new year.

Enroll now for a one time payment of $96.00

***A percentage of the proceeds from this course will be donated to the causes I love; Compassion International, Michiana Christian Service Camp (went every year all through school!), Christ’s Mission in the Yucatan (I spent 2 weeks there when I was 16), and friends of ours – Tim and Debbe Meier who are in Zambia with Grace Ministries International.