Frequently Asked Questions

I’m currently living out of the country, will I be able to stay caught up with your e-course with the time difference?

Most definitely! I’ll be posting each new lesson on Monday mornings, but you’ll be able to view and download it at your leisure. You can read it late at night on the couch, while you’re still in your jammy’s or on your lunch break at work! And if you get behind a bit, don’t worry – all that we discuss on the forum will remain there for your viewing as well, and you’ll also be able to ask questions pertaining to any week, any time after the lesson is posted.

Will this course work with a busy schedule?

You’ll have the ability to download all of the text so that you’ll have it to view when it works best for you. You’ll also have lifetime access tot he course so if you happen to get far behind, or need to take a break and come back weeks/months later you can.

Do you think this might help with male factor infertility as well as female factor infertility?

Most of this course is geared towards the couple as a whole. We will break off a couple of times and talk about different issues specific to men as well as women, but we will definitely be looking at the health of the couple. So yes – men’s issues will be included as well!

My husband and I have specific dietary requirements (gluten free, sugar free, dairy free). Does any of the nutritional information and/or recipes apply to us?

Yes – we ourselves have gone gluten free and sugar free, and my husband was dairy free for quite awhile. The recipes I use often call for wheat and/or dairy, but I do give options for making them gluten or dairy free. If I post one that doesn’t we’ll figure out a replacement meal, or a way to make it work within your diet. We’ll also be discussing the nutritional information of these foods and giving different alternatives for food sensitivities.

Will the Fertility Awareness portion fit within my religious views?

The week on fertility awareness is just that – becoming aware of what your body is doing and finding out how to pin point ovulation. This week won’t be about family planning, just about how to use the cues your body give you to increase the odds of conception.

I’m not actually looking to get pregnant, would this course still benefit me?

There are a couple weeks more specific to pregnancy, but each week will offer plenty of information for overcoming different reproductive issues and overall supporting your body.

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